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Business is okay, but not great.

Honestly, it's still a struggle sometimes.

You know you can do better, but you're not sure what path to take. There are so many options, and so much generic business advice that doesn't quite get you where you want to go.

It's time to join the Unstoppable Expedition. The Expedition is a membership of workshops, downloads, interviews, and tools, designed around what you need to learn to move your business forward. Business is a journey, and as part of the Expedition, you can join others in the private community who are serious about moving their businesses forward, as well as help forge the trail that leads you where you want to go.

As a member of the Expedition you'll get to vote and make suggestions on topics that we'll cover, so that you learn what you want to learn--not generic business advice that isn't applicable to what you're doing.

The Unstoppable Expedition is designed exclusively for brand/graphic/web designers and developers. If that's not you, we recommend purchasing individual workshops, as much of what we cover may not apply to you.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Access to the Facebook community
  • Exclusive workshops, templates, and tools
  • Emails designed to move your business forward
  • Access to all future workshops and tools as long as you keep your membership active

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Your Instructor

Erin Flynn
Erin Flynn

Hi, I’m Erin, and I help web designers and developers run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Not so long ago I was working a terrible day job that I just HAD to escape from. It was the kind of job that led to drinking a bottle of wine each night while crying. I HAD TO GET OUT.

I knew how to make websites (had been doing web design as a hobby since 1999), and figured getting my own business up and running wouldn’t be too hard.

I was wrong.

There’s a lot more to running a web design business than just making websites. And I struggled for years until I finally figured out the “magic” formula in late 2014.

I had finally figured out how to streamline my business and attract the kind of clients I actually wanted to work with. And things just got better from there.

I now live in beautiful Aspen, Colorado, which I am SO fortunate to be able to do. I work with clients I love, and make websites I am proud to show off. And I do that working less than 40 hours a week, and making more than enough money to live the life I want.

I want to help others achieve the same freedom.

Life is too short to work a job you hate, and struggle with a business you should love. Let me help you structure (or re-structure) your business, get focused, streamline ALL THE THINGS, get connected, and raise your rates.

Skip the struggle. Become Unstoppable.

Courses Included with Purchase

Intro Packet Workshop
Streamline Client Screening & Onboarding
Erin Flynn
PS. Write Soon!
How to follow up with past clients and stop the hustle
Erin Flynn
Welcome Packet Workshop
Set Expectations and Boundaries during your Projects
Erin Flynn
Goodbye Packet Workshop
Simplify your project handoff
Erin Flynn
How to Price & Package Your Web Design Services
Price your services to be profitable AND sustainable
Erin Flynn
How Much Money Do You Need To Make?
Calculate your potential income
Erin Flynn
Emergency Procedures Template
Prepare your business for unexpected emergencies
Erin Flynn
Email funnels for web designers
Email funnels aren't just for products! Learn how to use them in your web design business.
Erin Flynn
Niching and Positioning Workshop
Learn how to niche your web design business!
Erin Flynn
Create a business that fits your life Workshop
Create the web design business you really want
Erin Flynn
Client Inquiry Forms & Homework Workshop
Learn what questions to ask on your inquiry forms and client homework
Erin Flynn
How to get web design clients
Struggling to get clients? This is for you!
Erin Flynn
Google Analytics Goal Creation Workshop
Set up and track goals in Google Analytics
Guest Expert
Present Work and get Feedback Workshop
Present your work professionally and get feedback you can actually use
Erin Flynn
Unstoppable Expedition Private Facebook Community
For members of the Unstoppable Expedition only!
Erin Flynn
Interview: Law made easy and fun with Annette Stepanian
Law doesn't have to be scary!
Guest Expert
Recommended Resources
Useful tools for running your business
Erin Flynn
Leading Clients Through a Drama-Free Process
Learn how to lead your clients through the web design process
Guest Expert
A Beginner's Guide to Convertkit
Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with ConvertKit straight away!
Guest Expert
3 Most Important Pieces Of An Effective Website Design
Learn how to design an effective website for your clients!
Guest Expert
Create a Landing Page with Beaver Builder
Learn how to get started with Beaver Builder by creating a landing page
Guest Expert
Get started with Freedcamp
Learn how to get started with Freedcamp as your project management system
Guest Expert
Interview: How to use Google Analytics as a web designer with Cinthia Pacheco
Learn how you can use Google Analytics in your web design business
Guest Expert
Campfire Q&A
Replays of our live Expedition Q&A calls!
Erin Flynn

Original Price: $321

What people say about the content in Expedition:

This workshop was such a lifesaver! I was so sick of emailing my clients the same information, going back and forth with emails before getting a signed contract and paid invoice, and always worrying about what I was forgetting. It probably wasn't the best client experience either!

After going through this course I was able to immediately create my very first intro packet. Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but my clients really appreciate getting so much information up front without needing to ask for it. It helps set expectations and get them excited from the very beginning.

If you don't have an intro packet to send off to your clients, you're definitely missing out!

- Krista Miller

Coming Up:

  • Workshop: Defining your audience
  • Workshop: How to raise your rates
  • Workshop: How to get killer testimonials from your clients
  • Lots more!

New content is created based on member feedback--so you get what you need to improve your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Expedition a course?
Nope! The Unstoppable Expedition is a membership​ with workshops, trainings, coaching, and a private community. When you're a member you get access to all current content, and any new content that comes out while your membership is active. You can cancel at any time.
Is the Expedition just for web designers and developers?
In this case, very much YES. You may also get a lot of value if you're a print or graphic designer, or in a similar creative field. But we will be releasing some content that is very specifically geared toward the web industry, and that will be our focus. If that is not you, you may want to purchase individual workshops instead.
When do I get access to everything?
You'll get immediate access to everything listed on this page as soon as you sign up!
How long do I have access to the Expedition?
The Unstoppable Expedition is a membership--as long as you keep your membership status active, you'll have access to everything the Expedition has to offer including new content not yet listed on this page. Once you cancel, you'll lose access to the community immediately and the content once the payment period ends (based on your billing cycle).
What if I am unhappy with the Expedition?
You can cancel at any time! Due to the nature of digital workshops and tools, refunds are not possible.
Are there any courses/products not included in the Expedition?
The Expedition does not include Creative Compass or Say What?!. These products must be purchased separately.

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