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Creative Compass

trail blazing business planning for web designers

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Hey, Web Designer.

Break the chains of 14-hour days, zero social life and making pennies

Imagine a business that pays the bills and then some. Gives you the flexibility to define your own hours. And fits around your life, rather than dictating it.

Because the last time I checked, you didn’t get into business to be imprisoned by it.

How many more dinner invitations will you pass up because you didn’t ‘have time to do marketing’ today?

How many more projects will you say yes to while secretly loathing having to drop your rates to get the gig?

And for crying out loud, how many more vacations will you simply drool over but never actually book because you have to ‘work’?

Stop playing at business and start getting serious about life.

You’re invited to join:

Creative Compass

A self-study course proven to give you a design business making the money you want, with clients you love, and the freedom of time away without the guilt

This is a business course for designers.

I’m talking strategy and positioning, business planning and execution; from identifying what’s important for you to live a full life and planning your business around that, to analyzing what’s working and doing business smarter, to structuring your days so work happens because it’s meant to, and fun happens because it’s time to.

Creative Compass will help you...

Plan your life

You have a life you want to live--learn how to build your business around your life, instead of living your life around your business

Find your business coordinates

Position your business for success--learn how to find your niche and learn from your competition.

Get amazing clients

Not all clients are created equal--learn how to pinpoint what makes a great client, research their needs, and attract them to you.

Price your services

Pricing is tricky business--learn how to determine how much money you actually need to make, and price your services accordingly.

Build connections

Doing business in a bubble is a sure way to fail--learn how to connect with others in your industry and grow your network and influence.

Create your map

Do business on your own terms--learn how to create a business plan that works for you, and that moves your business forward!

I've signed up for a lot of courses and honestly Creative Compass is the best investment I've ever made for my business. Life after Creative Compass has really shifted my mindset and has helped me create a less stressful life doing what I love, all thanks to the many years of experience shared by Erin. If you really want to excel in your business as a creative or feel like you're stuck in a rut, Creative Compass will save you months, or even years, of spinning your wheels and countless mistakes. You'll only regret not taking the course sooner.


Your Instructor

Erin Flynn
Erin Flynn

Hi, I’m Erin, and I help web designers and developers run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Not so long ago I was working a terrible day job that I just HAD to escape from. It was the kind of job that led to drinking a bottle of wine each night while crying. I HAD TO GET OUT.

I knew how to make websites (had been doing web design as a hobby since 1999), and figured getting my own business up and running wouldn’t be too hard.

I was wrong.

There’s a lot more to running a web design business than just making websites. And I struggled for years until I finally figured out the “magic” formula in late 2014.

I had finally figured out how to streamline my business and attract the kind of clients I actually wanted to work with. And things just got better from there.

I now live in beautiful Aspen, Colorado, which I am SO fortunate to be able to do. I work with clients I love, and make websites I am proud to show off. And I do that working less than 40 hours a week, and making more than enough money to live the life I want.

I want to help others achieve the same freedom.

Life is too short to work a job you hate, and struggle with a business you should love. Let me help you structure (or re-structure) your business, get focused, streamline ALL THE THINGS, get connected, and raise your rates.

Skip the struggle. Become Unstoppable.

What you’ll leave with:


What’s paramount in life that gets your attention? We take the time to map this out so you not only prioritize the must-haves, but give them the focus they deserve. After we’re done, you’ll be crystal clear on what your life must look like for you to be happy, and you’ll be ready to plan your ideal week.

The ideal week outline clarifies your priorities so that every day that’s a business day, you know exactly what you need to be doing, and every day that's not a business day, you know you can log off and relax.


How much money do you need to make to both live and have fun? Which clients do you love working with? What’ll marry the two together? What other design services are available and how do you set yourself apart?

In this module, we break down your business coordinates in a way that’s easy to understand so you have clear targets every month that’ll get you effortlessly generating business and making money. I show you the smart way to quickly analyze the competition without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of businesses, or getting insecure about your own.

I teach you how to differentiate yourself from every other designer that’s got a copy of Photoshop and wants to get paid for it. Not only that, but I'll show you how to elevate your services so your clients are clamoring to buy - and how to price it so they’re ready to spend.


Identify your ideal clients, and set up your marketing machine so they come to you. It isn’t as simple as build it and they will come. They won’t. In this module, you’ll learn insights into how to market your services so that you’re not knocking on the doors of clients – they’re knocking on yours.


How do you create reoccurring passive income, decide what to offer and raise your rates? We get under the skin of all that so you’re packaging your products and services in a way that’s in sync for clients you love to work with.


Speaking of business partners – how do you find them? I give you my personal strategy on how to get yourself out of your home and into your community.

This module focuses on how to network like a pro, and effortlessly stay connected with people so that you’re not only making friends, but getting business referrals and opportunities to work together.

This module also takes it a step further by diving deep into joint ventures and collaborations, so you’re building your business with partners and smart associates (without being cheated).


In this final module, we tie everything you’ve learned into a strategy that you’ll follow to expand your business. You’ll have a blue print for every part of your business. It’ll give you the precise short term actions and long term vision that not only achieves the goals of today, but expands your business tomorrow.

Creative Compass gives you instruction-packed videos, worksheets, checklists, and email templates. Each lesson has clear action steps help you make immediate changes to your business.

Creative Compass is a no nonsense, no fluff program that helped me gain clarity and focus for my business. I highly recommend this course if you want to quit spinning your wheels and begin to grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course just for web designers?
Everything I create is geared towards web designers and developers because that's the industry I know. HOWEVER, I've had everyone from designers to copywriters, to massage therapists, and mediums tell me that they are able to apply my courses, workshops, and ebooks to their industry. If you are offering a service, chances are, you'll be able to apply what I teach to your business. And if not, there's a 14-day refund policy.
When does the course start and finish?
This is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. It’s all about the freedom!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? (That's lifetime access of the course, not your lifetime!) After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If the course ever closes, you'll be able to download everything to keep access!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

[Creative Compass] was so helpful and I was able to plan out my goals and get my head and business straight. I’m pleased to say that I have been busy since the beginning of the year and have work lined up through March!


This course is not open for enrollment.